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Connect you luxury property with THIRDHOME,
the private club for the owners of luxury second homes.

Share Your Passion for Luxury with a Like-Minded Community

Become a member of the Smiling House community and seize the opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals.

Luxury club, THIRDHOME Rentals has entrusted Smiling House as their preferred partner. Therefore allowing you to dip your toes in a pool of elite contacts. What could be more lucrative and brilliantly exciting?

THIRDHOME’s premier club members share a passion for luxury and an ‘elevated approach to travel’. They exchange unused time in their second home, for stays in the most opulent properties across the globe.

As a member of the Smiling House alliance, you will have access to these luxury club members, all of whom are looking for extraordinary experiences (all year-round).

Networking circles don’t get much more luxurious, nor exclusive than this.

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